The Association of Jungian Analysts is a London-based organisation promoting Analytical Psychology, based on the writings of C. G. Jung. We integrate classical, archetypal and developmental approaches to Jungian analysis in our theory and clinical practice, whilst also recognising the spiritual dimension in human beings. 

At AJA, we are open to new developments and findings in a variety of related disciplines including contemporary psychoanalysis, creative arts, literature, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and the sciences. We aim to be inclusive and non-dogmatic.


AJA has members across England, Wales and around the globe. If you are looking for a Jungian Analyst near you, please consult the AJA membership directory – click here.


Several of our members offer Jungian supervision. Whether you are a Jungian Analyst, or work in another model, you may benefit from supervision with an AJA analyst – click here.


Some of our analysts may be able to offer analysis at a reduced rate. Contact an analyst through our  directory to make an enquiry. Fees will differ between analysts.

IAAP Statement

AJA is a group member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. In response to recent events the IAPP Executive Committee has released the following statement.

“The Members of the Executive Committee of the IAAP express our deep sadness and concern for the large groups of innocent people in Israel, in Palestine and in other parts of the world suffering from the trauma of terror and violence inflicted on them. We note the polarization in these complicated situations and implore all the parties involved to seek ways of resolving the confrontation, which will not add to the large-scale human trauma. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues and friends and support psychological care for the innocent suffering human beings, whomever they are and wherever they live.
In our hearts, we are with them all.”

When AJA started in 1977 it was small group. AJA felt like a family and often gathered in each other’s homes, generating a lively temenos. From the beginning AJA members were known for the gusto with which they entertained – music, wine, food and full-throated laughter on a quiet night; dancing, costumes and performances on the festivals.

Now, we want to invite you into our home. AJA wants to share its lively temenos and hospitality with Jungians everywhere. We are launching a series monthly online gatherings featuring a paper read by a leading international Jungian clinician, followed by a formal response and audience discussion. Click the image for more information and to book tickets.


a post-graduate training for qualified psychotherapists


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