A9 (a) The Anniversary Suport Fund


The Anniversary Support Fund (ASF) is a fund to assist people (potential patients) who are in constrained financial circumstances and who are in need of therapy.


To make best use of the available funds, the therapy would be once weekly time limited for up to a total of 40 sessions. As such, the fund can be available only to those patients who are likely to benefit from a time-limited therapy and where a specific focus can be identified and worked on. The patient will need to be psychologically minded and have sufficient ego strength with no florid severe mental health problem.


Access to the fund is only available to AJA members and only at the start of the work. If a new patient presents to the analyst and it turns out within the first two or three sessions that the patient is on low income without access to savings then, after exploring what the patient might be able to pay, the analyst could refer the case to the ASF Panel. For this purpose, the analyst would write a short report, in which the patient’s presenting problem, a preliminary psychodynamic outline, a possible treatment focus and the financial constraints are described.

Two members of the Advisory Panel will discuss the case with the analyst in the format of peer supervision and agree or not as to the appropriateness to the case for funding from the ASF.  

The total fee to the analyst would be capped at £40, which is in line with the present reduced fee analysis payment. Patients would pay towards this fee within the limits of their financial means, but normally not less than £20. If the Advisory Panel agrees, the difference between the patient’s contribution and the analyst’s fee of £40 would be made available from the ASF and the patient could make a formal application to the Chair of AJA for the funds to be paid to his therapist. An application form is available for this purpose (see Appendix).

The analyst would claim the awarded fees retrospectively on a month by month basis.

Advisory Panel

The panel is made up of five or six experienced analysts, who are appointed by Council. They work pro bono. The time spent on discussing a funding application will count towards the clinical part of their CPD requirement.

October 2017