Therapy rooms

Two rooms are available to hire, for psychotherapy use only, on an hourly basis to members and non-members alike:

Consulting rooms £10 per hour (inclusive) for professionally qualified psychotherapists. Weekend workshop rates are listed on website: https://www.jungiananalysts.org.uk/roomhire.htm

Rates will be reviewed annually.(hourly rate correct in November 2016)

Each room is furnished in a set way, and with a basic order; please restore this when you finish using the room. Chairs, cushions, rugs, tables etc. go back to their usual positions.  Please ensure windows are locked, curtains drawn open and lights turned off when leaving. Check the light in the adjoining bathroom is also turned off. If you are the only person in the flat, ensure all lights are turned off, windows and balcony doors locked, the kitchen answer-phone turned on, and the flat door Chubb-locked. Our insurance is invalid in the event of a burglary if this is not done.

The room schedule is maintained by the lettings officer with whom all usage is negotiated. There is no priority in scheduling. Candidates may hire the rooms free of charge to see training patients providing they have no other available facilities. An up-to-date schedule is kept on the kitchen notice board. If conflicts in scheduling, differing modes of practice, disturbances, etc. arise these are taken up with the lettings officer in the first instance. Applications for use of the flat for other purposes should be addressed to the lettings officer. See the room rental agreement in the Appendix for full details.

Lettings officer: Julienne McLean, telephone 020 8451 5255

The agreement for room rentals can be found in the Appendix.


Fire extinguishers are positioned in the AJA flat hallway and kitchen. Smoke alarms are positioned in the hallway and public staircase. There are no fire escapes in the building other than the main stairway and front door. Emergency torches are in the kitchen.

The kitchen and general facilities

Facilities are provided for all members, candidates and therapists using the flat: coffee and tea are always available. Provide your own milk if required; wash and put away utensils after use. Please ensure you do not forget food items left in the refrigerator.

Telephone (emergency and incoming calls only) and answer-phone facilities are located in the kitchen. The number is:

Association of Jungian Analysts Consulting Room Telephone:  020 7431 9649

Ensure you take your own messages off the answer-phone promptly and leave notices on the board for others when you are aware of messages for them. On leaving the flat check the answer-phone is switched on at the electricity point and at the machine itself.

The photocopier is located in the large meeting room. Payment is made per copy; indicate the number of copies made and your name in the record book kept by the machine. Payment for all these facilities should be made at the time into the containers provided.

The office is not available for general use and the office telephone and fax system are for administrative use only.

If access to the computer is required this should be arranged through the lettings officer (members and candidates only).

Guidelines for the use of the library (available to members and candidates only)

The library is a lending library. Books are arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Library stock, journals, tapes and new acquisitions may all be borrowed. The time limit for books and tapes is three months, for journals one month.


Enter all borrowed books, tapes, and journals into the lending book, together with your name and the date of borrowing. Write your name legibly, so that you can be identified and contacted should another member or candidate of AJA need access to the item taken out. Always return books and journals to the appropriate place within the alphabetical or chronological order. Do not return books taken from the ‘new acquisitions’ shelf to that shelf, but to the proper place within the alphabetical order. Enter the return date into the lending book.

If you have suggestions for books, enter author, title, and if possible, publisher into the ‘suggestions’ book, or contact the librarian directly, particularly if the book is needed urgently.

A reference service is provided. If you need references for literature on a specific topic, contact the librarian, Dr. Gottfried Heuer.

Donations of books, journals, and tapes are always welcome, but please inform the librarian so that any new items can be entered into the files.

November 2016