On successfully completing training, candidates become members of the Association of Jungian Analysts. You may apply to become a professional member a minimum of three years after qualifying and if your application is successful you may then see candidates for analysis. You are asked to show your maturation as an analyst since qualification so that you can hold and contain the complex dynamics in work with candidates.


The professional committee may invite members to consider applying for professional membership as part of their continuing professional development. Applications are considered bearing in mind each person’s unique background and professional opportunities. You will need to show:

  1. i) an in-depth clinical practice with a wide range of patients, analysing at different frequencies of sessions per week, both long and short term.
  2. ii) a minimum of fifty hours of individual supervision extending over the time of your

iii) evidence of continuing professional development which can include teaching    activities, publications, presentations, research, supervision, cultural involvement, and work within and for the analytic community;

  1. iv) good standing with the ethics committee;
  2. v) AJA fees are paid up to date.


If you are: (a) an AJA member, previously qualified with another group, or (b) a member of an IAAP group other than AJA, and have professional membership (or equivalent) of that group, and meet the above criteria, you may see AJA candidates for analysis.


To determine eligibility please apply to the chair of the professional committee. The professional committee approaches each application on a case by case basis. If you are a member of AJA, write to the chair of the professional committee describing your current practice. Your CPD file is already available to this committee. You will need to give the name of your supervisor(s), and consent from them to supplying a reference. The professional committee will ask a professional member to meet you to discuss your development and write a report, a copy of which will be sent to you.  


The committee considers your application, your supervisor’s reference, and the report. It advises Council whether to offer professional membership, or to ask you to wait. This will be communicated in writing to you by the Chair of Council. If you are asked to wait, the chair of the professional committee will meet you to discuss which CPD areas might need attention. If you have concerns about the processing of your application, and wish to appeal, the professional committee will ask two members and an external assessor to consider any appeal.


Professional membership is offered in writing and announced to AJA at a monthly meeting, at which a certificate will be presented.


November 2011