B9 Retiring from membership

B9   Retiring from membership


An analyst who has decided to retire from clinical practice of analytical psychology should inform the chair of the professional committee of their intention, and also provide the anticipated termination date


Retired members will be entitled to receive our regular mailings and join in our winter celebrations and to attend monthly meetings (in person or via the conference line).  Retired members are also encouraged to continue to take part in the life of AJA in as many ways as possible.  Retired members may also be available to be called upon in an advisory capacity.


Retired members wishing to continue to participate in the life of AJA are asked to make a small contribution towards the cost of any mailings, payable each year.   Retired members over the age of 75 years are entitled to free membership of the IAAP.


The process for retirement:


  1. The chair of the Professional Committee will arrange either to meet you in person or for you to meet with a senior colleague of your choice, to provide you with an opportunity to talk through your decision to retire. This may also provide the Association with the opportunity to learn from you before you leave, for you to reflect on your experiences with the Association, and for insights to be shared.


  1. The chair of the professional committee will liaise appropriately concerning any unresolved practical or financial matters between you and the Association.


  • A letter will be sent to you from the Chair of the Association; and with your permission they will inform the membership of your retirement/resignation in the next mailing.


  1. After any outstanding matters have been resolved, you will be asked how you wish your file to be closed.





February 2014