AJA Research Statement

Collaborative working with academics, writers, creatives and thought leaders is a
cornerstone of success within AJA. It is an area where we aim to continue to
contribute to strengthen the research ecosystem. We are keen to further develop
Jungian and post-Jungian thinking into new areas as evidenced by our range of
lively and varied monthly meeting talks and other events. AJA encourages members
to join the BPC Scholars Network and has close networks with the Jungian and Post-
Jungian Studies Department at the University of Essex and has links with the
Pacifica Graduate Institute, California in the US.

AJA has several members and honorary members who are academics, writers and
researchers who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of analytic
thinking through their deep academic interests and expertise. Alongside this many
AJA members actively contribute to growing the next generation of therapists by their
creative use of analytic theory, innovative approaches, and ideas in their teaching,
writing and supervision. Candidates on the JAPQT course benefit from an inclusive
approach to learning that blends the intersection of knowledge, new ideas and
findings from recent academic work with a deep grounding in Jungian and post-
Jungian theory and practice.

AJA has an ambition to support the development of a healthy, more inclusive, and
sustainable research culture. To that end we intend to build capacity and welcome
new honorary members with unique insights, who will link us with innovative
approaches and cutting-edge thinking; encouraging cross-disciplinary practices and
research; and foster collaborative work among scholars and clinicians to deepen
understanding of the work.

April 2024.

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