by Ann Baring, Jules Cashford

The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an image, is a comprehensive, scholarly and accessible study, in which the authors draw upon poetry and mythology, art and literature, archaeology and psychology to show how the myth of the goddess has been lost from our formal Judeo-Christian images of the divine. They explain what happened to the goddess, when, and how she was excluded from western culture, and the implications of this loss

Reviews:Publishers Weekly wrote:

The authors of this ground-breaking, rich, ambitious work attempt to trace the evolution of consciousness by following humanity's changing attitudes toward female deities …. A wonderfully readable synthesis, this monumental study is packed with scores of riveting illustrations. It will serve as a source book for students of myth, feminists and those seeking to balance and integrate masculine and feminine components of their psyche.

Marina Warner, author Alone of all her Sex' wrote:

This generous and ambitious study - is packed with knowledge from a heaped board of sources, and presents a historical chronology for the "evolution" of the subtitle. But like the cross-dressed heroine of a chivalric romance, it really records, not the story of the past, but a quest for the buried Grail of the feminine, which will heal the self-inflicted wounds humanity continues to open and re-open.

About the Authors

Ann Baring

Anne Baring (b. 1931) MA Oxon. is a Jungian analyst

author and co-author of seven books including, with Jules Cashford (1992), The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image. Her most recent book — Soul Power — written with Dr. Scilla Elworthy — offers an agenda for a conscious humanity. Her work is devoted to the recognition that we live in an ensouled world and to the restoration of the lost sense of communion between us and the invisible dimension of the Cosmos that is the source or ground of all that we call ‘life’. Her website is devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice.

Jules Cashford

Jules Cashford read philosophy at St Andrews, did post-graduate research in literature at Cambridge and is a Jungian Analyst with AJA. Along with The Myth of the Goddess, co-written with Anne Baring, Julia is author of The Moon: Myth and Image (Cassell Illustrated, London, 2003) and a number of other books, articles and chapters.