Towards Mystical Union

A Modern Commentary on the Mystical Text "The Interior Castle" by St. Teresa of Avila

Book Cover: Towards Mystical Union

A manual for spiritual direction, this guide is also intended to be a contribution to the interface between modern depth psychology, contemplative prayer and the Christian mystical tradition. It has been written in response to an increasing hunger for spiritual direction and discernment from a holy Mother, which St Teresa can provide.



Reviews:Charles M. Williams on Amazon wrote:

The current interest in mysticism has created a demand for books on mystical theology which explore the interface between modern depth psychology, spirituality and mystical tradition. If the author is suitably gifted, the book may be a manual for spiritual direction. This is such a book.
The writer has an outstanding ability to draw together different approaches to mysticsl theology, and the many aspects of a personal relationship to God. Her style is admirably clear, displaying command of the several necessary disciplines, and an understanding and sympathetic heart. While some extended metaphors become a little strained, this also happened to Teresa!
"Mystical Union" is a book whose challenges, insights and felicities I have greatly enjoyed. But I won't be lending my copy to friends just yet, as I know that I will want to return to it continually.