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Dr Angela Fell

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Chiswick London, W45NT United Kingdom 02089946206
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Dr of Analytical Psychology, AJA member, formerly trained at the SAP and member for 20 years. Qualified Psychotherapist, Homeopath, Teacher and Youth & Community worker. Completed Infant Observation course.

About my practice

I have 39 years of working as a Psychotherapist and then Jungian Analyst.

I work with people who have had difficult events in their early life, such as birth trauma, attachment problems, grief, abandonment and early separation. I try to help a person uncover the origins of depression, anxiety, sexuality or relationship difficulties.

My involvement with Homoeopathy has led me to think about how the body often shows symptoms that a person is not able to express emotionally.

I am often asked if I work in a ‘blank screen’ way. I do not. My aim is to be as present as possible for the person and listen to the unconscious. In my understanding, this is the way towards relief and reaching the full potential of the Self.

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Chiswick London W45NT United Kingdom