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18 rue d’Albret FOIX 09000
Occitanie France
0033 (0)6 59 29 64 97
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Classical and archetypal Jungian analyst and depth psychologist.  Trained at “The Centre for Research and Depth Psychology according to C G Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz” in Zurich, Switzerland and also at the “Guild of Analytical Psychology” in London.  A member of AJA whose wide spectrum of viewpoints she appreciates.   A senior analyst and member of IAAP, UKCP and the Jung Institute in Zurich.

Originally trained as a painter she has a degree in Fine Art and Art History and taught for many years before training as an analyst and works with many creative people in analysis.   She has a Masters degree in French Philosophy and was the editor of Harvest Journal for about 8 years.  She has written numerous papers and lectures regularly.

About my practice

Brenda lives in France and her practice is in Foix in the region of Ariège in South West France in the Pyrenees.  At present she works from here on Skype with different individuals around the world.   Analysis is in two languages, in French for residents in-person sessions.  Skype for the rest of the world in either English or French.

In addition she gives consultations on the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of divination, sometimes called the Book of Changes.  Please consult the website: for further details on this.

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18 rue d’Albret FOIX Ariège 09000 France