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Dr Maryann Barone-Chapman, PhD

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Putney Hill-Wimbledon London SW19
United Kingdom
020 8785 0043
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Integrative Psychotherapist.  Phenomenologist.  Typologist.

I work at depth on the premise the unconscious is a useful ally waiting to make a conscious connection to aid the healing process.  Our analytic work may also include dreams, drawing, active imagination, and psychological type, drawing on John Beebe’s 8 Function Model of type and archetype. 

My training includes a creative approach to the healing arts with a Diploma from Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy, and a Master of Science in the Psychodynamics of Human Development on a collaborative course between Birkbeck College, University of London and the British Association of Psychotherapists (now the BJAA at BPF). Recently I completed psychosocial research involving Jung’s Word Association Experiment, trauma, complexes and processes of redemption and repair, with the award of Doctor of Philosophy at Cardiff University’s School of Social Science. I have taught at AJA and ISAP in Zurich.

My explorations on gender, women’s studies, and life stages have enabled publication in several edited compilations through Routledge and Taylor and Francis. In addition I also have papers in the Journal of Analytical Psychology, Quadrant Jungian Journal of New York, and Psychology & Feminism. I have a Certificate in Psychodynamic Supervision from the Society of Analytical Psychologists and have been a Supervisor and Tutor at Westminster Pastoral Foundation.





About my practice

In a quiet, private space in South West London, symptoms may find meaning and purpose.

The following is a modest short list of some observed outcomes in a process of finding creativity and integrity:
Dreaming, remembering your dreams and finding meaning in them.
Reconnecting with lost feelings, thoughts and desires.
Allowing yourself to paint, draw, write and play.
Remembering forgotten events.

Learning to speak the unspeakable and bear the unbearable.

Emergence of new perspectives and values.

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Putney Hill-Wimbledon London SW19 United Kingdom