A10 Diversity and Equality Statement


AJA aims to be an organisation that is welcoming and inclusive of all, whether members, staff, candidates, patients or participants at AJA events. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial, diverse community where all can thrive.

AJA is committed to addressing discrimination in all its aspects; this includes age, disability, marital or partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religious beliefs, gender and sexuality.

AJA endeavours to ensure that its activities are accessible to all potential participants, including those with disabilities. Presently we do not have physically disabled access to our premises but attempt to make our professional monthly meetings accessible through video conferencing.

AJA does not have a religious affiliation; where possible, AJA will avoid putting events on days of religious significance.

Seminars with a focus on diversity issues are included in AJA trainings. AJA encourages all members to be sensitive to issues of diversity in the way they work.

If a member of staff, AJA member, candidate or applicant has a concern about any diversity and equality matter, they may contact the Chair of AJA who will inform the current AJA Diversity Officer. The Diversity Officer is appointed by Council (see AJA Handbook, Section A2). Alternatively, the Diversity Officer may be contacted directly. The Diversity Officer will discuss the concern with the person and attempt to resolve the issue. If the concern cannot be resolved in this manner, the complainant can invoke the informal grievance procedure (see AJA Handbook, Section A5a).


June 2019

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