A12 Safeguarding Statement


Making sure we understand how to safeguard adults and children who are experiencing abuse or neglect is an essential part of keeping our clients safe. All members and candidates should familiarise themselves with the BPC Safeguarding Policy – see link below.

Members of AJA offer therapeutic work to a very broad spectrum of people. This means that we come into contact with adults and children who may need safeguarding. We work hard to make sure that all members are aware of their responsibilities in this respect and that we understand how to keep clients safe as a first priority.

From October 2019 AJA will be initiating safeguarding training for all its members and it will be  the responsibility of each member to remain up to date with developments and retain a current certificate of competency. The online training will be offered by Highspeed Training and all members and candidates will be required to undertake the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Level One). If any member is working directly with children then AJA recommends that you also undertake the Introduction to Safeguarding Children (Level One).

AJA promotes and develops safe, ethical and competent analytic practice in line with the safeguarding principles of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the British Psychoanalytic Council. The UKCP Protocol and the BPC Policy guidance are available on the following links:





Any member who has safeguarding concerns should discuss with their supervisor and, if necessary, the AJA Safeguarding Officer. In addition, BPC registered members may seek advice from a member of the BPC Safeguarding Advisory Panel (see link above).


July 2019

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