A9 a The Anniversary Support Fund


The Anniversary Support Fund (ASF) is a fund to assist those in constrained financial circumstances who are seeking analytical psychotherapy.


To make best use of the available funds, the therapy would be once-weekly and financial support would be available for a maximum of 40 sessions. The patient will be psychologically minded and have sufficient ego strength to engage in depth work.


Access to the fund is only available to patients working with AJA analysts. This might either be a new patient who is on a very low income and without access to savings, or an existing patient who experiences a change in their financial circumstances.

If the analyst feels it is appropriate they could inform the patient of the existence of the ASF.

The total fee payable to the analyst will normally be that of a low fee patient, i.e. £40. Patients would be encouraged to contribute towards this fee within the limits of their financial means, but normally not less than £20. The analyst will then be able to claim the difference between the patient’s contribution and the total fee from the ASF fund.

Access to the fund will be as follows:

  • An ASF Co-Ordinator will be appointed by Council.
  • The patient would request an application form from the ASF Co-ordinator: asfcoordinator@jungiananalysts.org.uk. The form will invite the applicant to provide a personal statement in support of their application.
  • Once completed the form is to be returned by email directly to the ASF Co-ordinator.
  • The ASF Co-ordinator will then forward the application to two members of the Advisory Panel (see below) who will consult and evaluate its merits. They will inform the ASF Co-ordinator of their decision.
  • The Co-ordinator will then inform the applicant and their analyst of the decision. KVT, the AJA bookkeepers, will also be informed. The analyst will then claim the awarded fees retrospectively each month.

The Advisory Panel:

The panel will comprise experienced AJA analysts appointed by Council. They work pro bono.  Any time spent discussing a funding application will count towards the clinical part of their CPD requirement.


October 2020


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