A9 Reduced Fee Scheme



The reduced fee scheme enables people of limited means to have analysis where this is assessed to be an appropriate form of treatment. As part of the Associations’ charitable aims, members may be able to offer analysis at a cost lower than their usual fee to those who otherwise would not be able to afford full fee analysis. Members may participate in the reduced fee scheme if they chose. The Association does not provide candidates with training patients. This is the responsibility of the individual candidate.


The administrator handles enquiries for this scheme and ascertains whether any analyst has availability. If so, the enquirer is given the analyst’s name and contact details. It is the patient’s responsibility to make an appointment and the analyst’s to assess that person’s suitability for analysis or therapy.


The analyst provides feedback to the administrator as to whether or not the patient has taken up sessions and at what fee. The analyst is charged a referral fee for this service. In addition, analysts are also asked to include in their membership returns how many sessions per year they are providing at a reduced fee. These two sets of data enable Council to monitor that the Association is fulfilling its charitable duties.


If there is no suitable vacancy within AJA, the enquirer is given information about other reduced fee options in their local area.



November 2011




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