Overseas Analysts

Members of AJA are members of the Association wherever they live. If you live and work overseas you are required to maintain your membership fee and your registration with BPC and/or UKCP.

If you do not wish to retain membership while continuing to work as an analyst, we recommend that you join a local Jungian group and the regulatory body which oversees groups in your country.

If you wish to stay attached to AJA but not as a member, we invite you to become an Overseas AJA Analyst. There is no fee. You remain on the AJA mailing list, you can attend the monthly meetings, summer school, winter celebrations and all other similar events. You would not be eligible to hold a post of responsibility within AJA or to provide internal professional services as these are dependent upon the conditions of membership. However, as with other non-AJA practitioners you may be invited to contribute for example, as a speaker at monthly meetings, summer school or teach on the training programme. 

Non-practising Members

Members are reminded that if they wish to take time out to do so responsibly and ethically and, as a matter of professional courtesy, to inform the professional committee of their intentions.

If you are planning to take a break from your practice, please contact the honorary treasurer in relation to your membership fee.

Please contact the IAAP, as well as BPC and/or UKCP in regard to conditions of membership relating to these organisations.


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