Richard’s Wainwrights Books

Dear Members and Candidates,

As you know, Richard Wainwright died unexpectedly in January last year. Out of his estate, his books have now been kindly offered to AJA. Jacqueline has generously agreed to catalogue all the books so that we can decide, which ones we find worth keeping in the library. Others can be offered to AJA members or taken to developing groups in Eastern Europe. Some may be sold in second-hand bookshops.

The problem is now that this work will take a lot of time. In the meantime, we need to store the books in a dry place until they can be sifted through box by box. Richard’s place needs to be vacated completely by 23rd March. There is therefore some pressure of time.

Unfortunately, there is no space in the AJA flat to temporarily store the boxes with books. There are 15 cube boxes of 59cm (23.2 inches) in size. We now hope that someone might have the facility to store these books for some months until the process of sorting them has been completed. Even if some of you might not have the space for all 15 boxes, sharing the storing and accommodating just some of them would help.

We would be most grateful if you would consider giving a temporary home to these books, which, knowing Richard, will be most interesting and relevant. Those helping out can be given first choice when it comes to offer non-library books to AJA members.

Thanks for your help,