WMIP Late Summer Conference

WMIP Late Summer Conference

Freud, Jung and the Modern World

Saturday, 16 September 2017

9.30 am for 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Speakers: Ken Robinson, Marcus West and Ray Brown

Venue: the studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP

At the beginning of the last century Freud and Jung each created a vast corpus of work, the legacy of which is the basis of modern psychotherapies.

The two men were the great cartographers of human emotion and experience working at the height of the age of mechanism. They mapped the mechanism of human experience and what they discovered in the analysts consulting room proved to be anything but mechanical, which is part of the reason why psychotherapy has a long experiential training for its practitioners and has never been successfully manualised.

Now one hundred years later as we traverse the first quarter of the 21st century the continued application of mechanism to all aspects of our scientific life has followed psychoanalysis and discovered a physical and biological universe of ever unfolding complexity, and ever more dynamic than we first thought.

Today, matter itself, is emerging not as a ‘thing’ to be understood, but like the mind, as relational at its most fundamental level. In biology, which includes our understanding of the human organism, we are discovering an emergent world with properties that exist only at a certain macro level.

The two talks in the morning by eminent Jungian speaker Marcus West and Freudian speaker Ken Robinson will leave us with an image of human existential experience as mapped by the two great cartographers of the mind.

In the afternoon our third speaker Ray Brown will introduce the dynamic mapping of dreaming perceived using modern technology as was not possible one hundred years ago.

The aim of the conference is not to persuade; least of all that one man’s view is superior to the other or even that both are somehow superior to anything we may learn by way of direct observation but to leave us with a sense of awe and wonder at what it is to be human. For all the vast richness of both men’s work, and its development with their successors, we are but at the beginning of a journey of understanding. The playwright Shakespeare’s famous line of 400 years ago:

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on’

Tempest Act 4 sc1

may prove not to be poetic metaphor but correct.

Booking & Event Information

  • WMIP Members £90 / Earlybird £80
  • WMIP Trainees £30 / Earlybird £25
  • Non-members £125 / Earlybird £110

For earlybird discounts, book by 28 July. No refunds after 25th August.

More information about the conference and booking forms available on-line at http://www.wmip.org/conference.html

Coffee, tea, and lunch provided

Venue: the studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP


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