Training Overview

The AJA Jungian Analytic Training for Qualified Psychotherapists is unique in the UK as it is designed specifically for psychotherapists who have completed their original training yet sense their therapeutic approach is incomplete. AJA has successfully trained many Jungian analysts working within the UK or internationally. We support people learning with us to discover a voice of one’s own within a supportive community of colleagues.

Our programme is structured to integrate classical, archetypal and developmental approaches to Jungian psychology and is informed by Jungian and post-Jungian theory and practice. It is carefully designed to build on learning from initial psychotherapy trainings and not repeat them. There is continued emphasis on contemporary themes and new ideas that are relevant to the provision of analytically informed practice today. The training also draws on research into clinical methods and developments in related disciplines.

Our programme is structured into 20 weekend modules over two years. This allows you to continue your work as a therapist alongside the training.

Successful completion of the programme leads to membership of AJA and the IAAP.

Here are some comments from recent graduates on their experience of the training:

“It was wonderful, life changing and I am so glad I embarked on this journey with AJA”

Susan Ringhold

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