AJA Excels at Good Company, Good Food

Any members who were not able to make it to AJA’s first meeting of the year on 10 Janaury 2017  not only did you miss a stimulating (and tastily gossipy) talk from Andrew Samuels, you also missed the opening of the first of a series of four art exhibitions being held at the AJA flat.

Fear not, you won’t have to endure the red-hot poker of envy jabbing you in the ribs for too long. We hope to give you access (on this website) to a recording of Andrew’s talk very soon; it is really worth listening to. If you thought the generosity of the website editors ended there, you’re happily mistaken, for we have also published the talk that Lindsey Harris gave in opening the exhibition entitled “Welcome to the Muse”. You can read it here and see the works on display. 

However, if you were not at the meeting then there is something we must show you that may well cause you rumbling grumbles of envy in your belly. AJA is renowned for its hospitality – not only the good company, not only the plentiful wine, but most noteably the delicious food. Annette Elliot catered for the first meeting of the year and is was a tour de force. Gasps of delight and cries for more, were only barely stifled by the compulsive mouth-stuffing that was occasioned by the buffet in the library. For your vicarious delectation and to stoke your peristaltic envy we offer you photos from the evening.

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