AJA 40th anniversary festschrift


In celebration of our associations 21st anniversary in 1998 AJA published a Festschrift. In the introduction Jack Bierschenk, the editor, says:

The contributions to the Festschrift celebrate both the creative forces that have helped shape the Association into its present form and, in a wider perspective, reflect the collective energy inherent in the contemporary Jungian community.


The 1998 Festschrift is a wonderful document containing a wide variety on contributions, as the image above illustrates.

To download a digital copy of the 1998 Festschrift, click here for the full resolution version (100Mb) or here for the low-resolution version(20Mb).

However, to the present. The editorial committee Jack, Gottfried and Stephen, insist that you, dear member, contribute something to the 2017 Festschrift. It can be anything, as long as it is creative. It could be a paper, a cartoon, a fairy tale, a photo, a poem, anything that we can print. Don’t be shy.

The deadline for contributions is 1 June 2017. However, please let us know what you’d like to contribute ASAP, so that we can help you meet the deadline by nagging regularly.

With collegial regards,

Jack, Gottfried and Stephen


The Festschrift Editorial Committee

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