Consider Culture Group

Dear AJA Members,


On 25th November we had a first meeting of a group of AJA members and one candidate (Linda Mary), to discuss cases, where cultural issues are of significance. We had a very good and moving discussion – so good that all 13 participants of the first meeting will come again to the second meeting, which will be on 10th March at 20:00 at the AJA flat.


There is still the opportunity to join the group, ideally to participate in person at the AJA flat, but Zoom videoconferencing will be provided for those, who really cannot come to London. Participation includes, however, a certain commitment to make an effort to come regularly (meetings will be every 3 to 4 months), as we aim at a stable group, which allows open and frank discussion. For this reason the invitation does not extend to candidates for the time being.


There will be a small fee of around £15 to cover expenses. Please contact me by email to if you would like to join the group.


Best wishes,


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