Reduced Fee Scheme

Dear AJA Members,

Following on from Sandy’s email, I would like to endorse the £40 maximum fee for a session. Prospective patients are told that the fee would be not more than this amount. Sandy told me that all those who are put in touch with an analyst are asked to inform the analyst that they were referred under the Reduced Fee Scheme. Council endorsed at the last meeting that it would be seen as unethical, if the analyst then asked for a higher fee.

Of course, there may be situations, in which it emerges during the first interview that the patient is in fact not on a low income and does not qualify for treatment under the scheme. In this situation the analyst would explain to the patient, why a higher fee seems appropriate. Analysts would need to make a good record to protect themselves against a complaint and also inform Sandy of the fact that the conditions for inclusion in the Reduced Fee Scheme were not met.

Just like Sandy I would like to thank everybody, who takes on patients under the Reduced Fee Scheme. Apart from contributing to AJA’s status as a Charity, this also promotes Analytical Psychology and more importantly, it helps people, who are distressed because of traumatic experiences.

Best wishes,


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