40th Anniversary Rolling Art Exhibition

AJA’s 40th Anniversary



Number 2: March 2016

[Thank you, if you have already replied. We are pleased you will be contributing.]

Opportunity for ARTISTS

We would love to hear from you…


Are you an AJA member (current or retired) making 2-dimensional art?

(painting, photography, embroidery, collage, cartoons, relief work, calligraphy,

wall-mounted visual work of any kind)

If you would like to apply to exhibit,

please contact the coordinators:

Lindsey Harris  E:  lindseycharris@hotmail.com


Annette Elliot  E.  annette.elliot@btinternet.com

Let us know if you are interested,

Describe what kind of art you make.

Send us a photograph?



To know more please read the STRATEGY  included below.



in AJA Meeting Room

  1. During 2017, AJA Meeting Room will exhibit a selection of the 2-D artwork by AJA members.
  1. 4 separate exhibitions will be organised during 2017:  1) starting January 2017;  2) starting April;  3) starting June;   4) starting October
  1. The Opening Exhibition 1 (January 2017) will be a mixed exhibition, showing one sample work by each contributing AJA member.
  1. Co-ordinators send initial call-out notice to AJA members in January, March etc 2016, inviting expressions of interest from AJA members, and whether they wish to show one work only in Exhibition 1, and/ or a small group in a later exhibition during 2017. The Coordinators will collate the responses, make selection, and proceed to plan the 4 exhibitions.
  1. Exhibition 1: opening January 2017.
  • Co-ordinators plan exhibition 1 in autumn 2016. In November 2016, each invited AJA artist will supply the coordinators with the title of 1 work, and price, if it is for sale. Coordinators will prepare a wall list for the exhibition.
  • Each invited artist will be responsible for preparing their own picture/artwork for display, mounted, framed and glazed where appropriate, with hooks for hanging at the back.
  • On Sunday morning 8th January 2017 (t.b.c), the artists will deliver their artwork to AJA, for the exhibition. The coordinators will supervise the hanging. Works will be hung by nylon line, to be suspended from AJA’s picture hooks on the existing hanging rail.
  • Exhibition 1 will have an Opening Launch event in January 2017, arranged by AJA, to celebrate the art. (Date t.b.c. to coincide with AJA Political/Philosophical meeting.)
  1.  Exhibitions 2, 3 and 4 will be divided up between those artists who would like to follow up, and show a small selection of their work later in 2017.  The number of pictures for each exhibition will be decided by the Co-ordinators, who will supervise each of the exhibition hanging / dismantling days, to take place on a pre-planned dates in 2017.  (Sunday mornings 2nd April, 18th June, 8th October, t.b.c.)
  1. Each individual artist will prepare a list of titles in advance, stating prices (if works are for sale) or NFS, and prepare the list for display at the exhibition.
  1. Each artist is responsible for delivery on the appointed delivery day, and removal of their artwork at the end of the exhibition on the changeover day. It is essential that artists undertake to meet the dates for delivery and removal of artworks, because there is no place to store pictures in the AJA flat.
  1. The Coordinators will decide the number of pictures in each exhibition, and allocation of artworks to the 4 exhibitions. e.g. 3 separate themes or media may emerge for the 3 exhibitions, such as all-photography exhibition, all abstract, or all figurative. This will be decided during planning in 2016.

Coordinators Annette Elliot and Lindsey Harri

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