Dr. Julia Ovchinnikova


United Kingdom

I’m a trained and experienced Jungian analyst, Ph.D., have been working over 15 years in private practice. I work with adults of all ages and offer therapy in both English and Russian. Since 2001 as a part of my academic career I have been lecturing on psychology, psychotherapy and analytical psychology.

My research and writing is focused on symbolic function and dreams, midlife crisis and identity crisis. I participate in ongoing professional development, conferences and workshops, peer support programmes to ensure you the best care and quality of professional services.


You’ll find my practice in Surbiton within easy reach of many South West London and Surrey points, just off A3, convenient for bus and rail connections.

I see my patients for psychotherapy once, twice or three times a week, regarding what is best for them. Together we set off a journey to free your creativity, to make spiritual dimension alive, to integrate body and mind, to search for meaning and constructive ways out of personal crisis, to find who you truly are.


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