Graham Morgan


44 Cleveland Street
United Kingdom

I began my professional life as a psychiatric nurse working in both inpatient and community settings.
I gradually became disillusioned with mainstream psychiatry as it appeared to me to paper over the cracks of people’s emotional distres by using medication rather than talking or creative therapies such as art, music or drama therapy.
Following various life experiences outside the helping professions, I trained as a psychodynamic counsellor with an affiliate centre of WPF Counselling before training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy.
I am a  registered  with   the  UKCP .
My interest in Jung derives from his value of the place of imagination in the journey towards healing and wholeness as shown in his emphsis upon dreams as offering insights from the deep psyche. Jung also acknowledges the importance of the spiritual and religious dimension. These two aspects of Jung’s work inspire me.


I  offer  therapy  via  face  to  face  and  also  online.

I practise from my consulting room in Shrewsbury; the town is well served with rail links from North and South Wales, Birmingham and the North West of England.
I offer psychotherapy on an individual basis with adults.
My practice consists of once, twice and three times weekly work.
In my work, I see the trusting therapeutic relationship as foundational and acknowledge the contribution of childhood and more recent traumatic experience to current emotional difficulties or problems in living; however, my philosophy also accords an important place to the imagination in healing. Dream Analysis therefore is a useful element in my practice. I am also interested in the use of drawing and painting as offering an additional language and medium, particularly when experience is hard to put into words.
I welcome your enquiry.

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