Ms Jacqueline Bentley

I am a Jungian Analyst with a practice in West London, with good parking and easy access to transport

I have many years experience as a Gestalt Psychotherapist

I have extensive experience of short term work both privately and for various EAP’s

I also have a Masters in Creative Writing

Previously I worked in business for some years prior to which I was a social  worker

People come to therapy for all sorts of different reasons.  I think most of us come because our life isn’t going as we hoped it would, isn’t being as rewarding as we thought it would.  Sometimes this is for a short period initiated by a bereavment, depression, work stress etc.  Sometimes we feel we have always been swimming against the river and we are tired.  Analysis and therapy provide support and challenge as we work to both change ourselves and accept ourselves.

I like to have an initial session so that we can meet and discuss what you are looking for and whether we feel I can help you move towards it.   Sometimes I work with people for 6 sessions and sometimes we meet for a few years.  Sometimes 3 x week, or 1 x week, – together we will  work  out the best frequency for you.

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