Richard Jenkins

Black Prince Road
United Kingdom

Richard Jenkins, LLB, BA (Oxon), MA, Dip Min, PgDip, FPC, BPC, AJA, IAAP is a Jungian Analyst and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.

“I provide a secure, welcoming and non-judgemental space where together we can explore the difficult experiences and dilemmas you bring to therapy, to find a deeper understanding and empathy for yourself, your history, and greater freedom in life and relationships.”

Richard works with you to understand the patterns from the past that can cause pain or blockage today. He also works at depth with dreams, the symbolic and mythological aspects of psychological life. Alongside the relationship with the therapist, these hold deep creative power to heal past traumas and open new paths for development. As well as an interest in spirituality and spiritual practice, he has a long-standing expertise in policy and social action as a researcher and adviser for government.

Richard has over a decade’s experience of working as a therapist including as an Honorary Psychotherapist in the NHS. Before training to become a Jungian Analyst he worked in private practice having first qualified as a psychodynamic psychotherapist at  WPF Therapy. He has degrees in Law, Theology, a Masters in Contemporary Theology and post-graduate diplomas in Pastoral Counselling and Psychodynamic Theory and Practice.

Richard teaches a course on Jung at the Bowlby Centre for Attachment Based Psychoanalysis. As a faculty member of WPF Therapy  he taught courses on contemporary approaches to Diversity, Clinical Practice and Jung.



I am co-founder Southbank Counselling and practice in SE1 and SW2.

Beginning psychotherapy or deepening your analysis can be a courageous step. I always suggest meeting for some initial sessions to help us learn about what is bringing you to this threshold before deciding together the frequency that is right for you. I work weekly from one to three or more sessions.

I work in person and work online when appropriate.

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