UKCP: The Alternative Dispute Resolution consultation

Dear AJA Members,

As I wrote in my report on the UKCP complaints study day, UKCP are thinking of developing an Alternative Dispute Resolution process. They want as many views as possible, even of psychotherapists, who are not UKCP registered. UKCP members will have received this email already.

I would therefore encourage you to take part by following this link:

Best wishes,


Letter from Janet Weisz the Chief Executive of the UKCP

Dear Member,

I’m pleased to announce that UKCP’s new Alternative Dispute Resolution consultation is now open!

Over the past few years mediation is something that’s generated a lot of buzz among our members. We’re a talking profession, and when complaints and grievances arise, it’s important that we to try take a therapeutic approach to resolve matters.

The Complaints and Conduct Process

Our Complaints and Conduct Process has been in place now for four years. In that time, we’ve continually reviewed the process to ensure that only the most serious allegations enter the process. The CCP is by necessity legalistic, and it’s only those complaints that suggest that there’s a real risk to the public if the therapist continues to practice without a full investigation taking place, that should be sent down that path.

We believe that most of the grievances raised with us can be resolved in a more informal way; one that’s less stressful than the formal CCP and has a higher chance of both parties walking away feeling satisfied. I’m talking about our Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

Aternative Disupute Resolution

This is the mechanism that allows us to help to resolve all other concerns that might not be serious enough to enter the CCP, but where it’s still obvious that the therapeutic relationship has broken down.

Mediation or ADR is a voluntary process, and it’s one that only works if both parties engage in a participatory way. We’re looking to improve our ADR process and we want to hear from you – what things you’d find helpful to resolve grievances with your clients, how you’d like an ADR process to look, and how we can better support our members in resolving these disputes or concerns.

The consultation

We have launched a consultation that will run from October 14 2016 until 10 December 2016. The consultation will help us understand exactly what’s needed in an ADR process. We’ll be asking not only our Registrants, but also our OMs, Colleges, and Committees; other mental health organisations and advocates; and members of the public. It’s important that we get as much feedback as possible so that we can design a process that’s going to be fair, transparent, and most importantly, useful!

The consultation can be found at the following link:

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact Samantha Lind on 0207 014 9978 or who will be happy to assist.

Best wishes,

Janet Weisz
Chief Executive

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