Sunday lunch Lemonia 22 January 2017

Dear all,

As part of the celebration for AJA’s 40th anniversary, members and candidates are invited to meet for lunch on Sunday 22 January, at Lemonia in Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill.  This follows immediately after the first training module, and a room has been booked for 1.30 pm to allow time for everyone to get there.  It will also be another chance for all of us to meet the new candidates again.

AJA Council has generously offered to pay the food cost of the set meal (with members and candidates paying for their drinks).  The restaurant web link is We will opt for group set menu no. 2, so you can choose your own main dish.

Would you please let me and the office know by 15 December latest if you can come? You can email or use the form below.

Best wishes,


Please use this form to RSVP

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