Admission Criteria

Applications are invited from psychotherapists registered with UKCP or BPC (or equivalent). Each application is considered individually. Most applicants will meet the following criteria. If you have some, but not all of the following, please contact the chair of training to discuss your application:

a degree or equivalent

completed a training in psychotherapy recognised by UKCP or BPC and hold registration with one of these two organisations

had at least 240 hours of personal analysis with an approved IAAP analyst before the training starts which should include some 3-times-weekly work

an established clinical practice (private, NHS or equivalent) which includes some twice- or three-times weekly work

supervision with an IAAP analyst before the training starts

participated in Jungian and psychodynamic seminars, either during training or since qualifying as a psychotherapist

completed a minimum six months psychiatric placement

a professional approach to CPD since qualifying as a psychotherapist.

AJA is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in relation to admission to training by psychotherapists who meet the above criteria.

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