An online salon hosted by AJA

AJA invites you to an exciting new series of online meetings taking place once a month, beginning in March. We have invited some of the most interesting Jungian clinicians from around the world to present on a topic that is currently engaging them. These monthly meetings will give you an opportunity to hear from colleagues who would not often visit London.

After a successful season in 2023 At Home with AJA has been on-hold. It will be resumed in due course. 

at home:

  1. being in one’s own house, environment, community
  2. feeling as if in one’s own home; comfortable; at ease; familiar
  3. attitude of being ready to host visitors at certain hours at one’s home

Although this series is new, it continues a tradition that goes back to the early days of our organisation. AJA has always placed a high value on hospitality.

When AJA started in 1977 it was small group. AJA felt like a family and often gathered in each other’s homes, generating a lively temenos. From the beginning AJA members were known for the gusto with which they entertained – music, wine, food and full-throated laughter on a quiet night; dancing, costumes and performances on the festivals.

Now, we want to invite you into our home. AJA wants to share its lively temenos and hospitality with Jungians everywhere. We are launching a series monthly online gatherings featuring a paper read by a leading international Jungian clinician, followed by a formal response and audience discussion.

At Home with AJA – monthly online gatherings with a paper by a leading international Jungian, followed by a formal response and audience discussion.

When choosing speakers for At Home with AJA our priority is build and strengthen friendships across the Jungian world. Our focus is on speakers who do not visit London often, even though we wish they did. We want speakers to bring some of the spirit of the place they are from, and we would especially encourage speakers to bring a “home crowd”.

Let’s have a lively conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Let’s have a lively conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our Speakers

In  this conversation we are starting AJA is reaching out to the wider Jungian world. We have looked for global Jungian voices; clinicians in their prime whose engagement with their analytic work infects the way they speak. We are interesting in new and challenging ideas, and desire conversation.

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