Exhibition 3

Welcome to the Muse : EXHIBITION 3

Sunday 18th June – Saturday 7th October 2017

Exhibition 3 Items 1-5
Exhibition 3 Items 1-2
Exhibition 3 Items 6 – 8
Exhibition3 Items 9-12
Exhibition 3 Items 13-15
Exhibition 3 Items 17-18
Exhibition 3 Items 19-20

1. Annette Elliot BY THE RIVER Colour photograph NFS
2. Annette Elliot MORNING GLORY Colour Photograph NFS
3. Sandy Damon TAKE TIME OUT from What’s In a Fairy Tale? series Oil on canvas NFS
4. Sandy Damon THE BLACK DOG from What’s In a Fairy Tale? series Oil on canvas NFS
5. Ruth Williams MAGNOLIA TREE AT KENWOOD Colour Photograph NFS
6. Lindsey Harris THE GREAT MOTHER Oil Pastel on paper NFS
7. Lindsey Harris INTRODUCTION Oil Pastel on paper NFS
8. Sandy Damon A JOURNEY WITHIN Limited edition Giclee Print £300
9. Fiona Palmer Barnes MAN’S SILK EVENING SCARF Woven textile in natural silk with vegetable dye inserts NFS
10. Fiona Palmer Barnes BLUE AND WHITE SCARF Wool textile woven on 8 shafts NFS
11. Sandy Damon SILENCE from What’s In a Fairy Tale” series Oil on canvas £350
12. Sandy Damon FISHERWOMAN Oil on canvas £350
13. Brenda Crowther RAJA YOGA MANDALA Water colour NFS
14. Brenda Crowther THE SPINNING WHEEL Water colour NFS
15. Brenda Crowther PRIMA MATERIA Water colour NFS
16. Brenda Crowther THE KISS Water colour NFS
17. Brenda Crowther THE CURSE Water colour NFS
18. Brenda Crowther THE PLANET IN THE THORNS Water colour NFS
19. Lindsey Harris APPLE Oil on panel £200
20. Lindsey Harris HOMAGE TO LEONORA CARRINGTON Oil on panel £200

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