Online and Hybrid Events

At the heart of the Association of Jungian Analysts lies a commitment to fostering connection and collaboration among our members, regardless of geographical location or logistical constraints. With this ethos in mind, we are thrilled to offer a dynamic blend of in-person and online events, seamlessly integrated through the power of Zoom technology. Our hybrid approach ensures that members from around the globe can participate in our enriching programs, sharing insights, and forging meaningful connections from the comfort of their own homes or joining us in person for an immersive experience.

Whether you prefer the intimacy of face-to-face interaction or the convenience of virtual engagement, our events are designed to accommodate your needs and preferences. From thought-provoking lectures and interactive workshops to intimate discussion groups and experiential seminars, there is something for everyone in our diverse lineup of programming. Join us on Zoom as we come together to explore the depths of Jungian psychology, cultivate personal growth, and build a vibrant community dedicated to the pursuit of self-discovery and collective understanding. Your presence enriches our collective journey, and we look forward to welcoming you to our next gathering, wherever you may be in the world.

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