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Monthly Meeting
Plain Speaking or Trickster Writing? – Making Jung accessible to 21st century students and the general public
Speaker: Phil Goss

Leading Edges
Activating the Client-Therapist Dyad: Embodied and Expressive Presence within the Therapeutic Alliance
Speaker: Sissy Lykou

Leading Edges
Diaspora stories: then & now
Speakers: Roz Carroll and Jon Blend

Leading Edges
Trickster, Trauma and Transformation
The Vicissitudes of Late Motherhood
Speaker: Maryann Barone-Chapman

Monthly Meeting
Reading In Paper:
Hungry for Love
Speaker: Barbara Faden
AJA Members and Candiates only

Leading Edges
Talk The Red Place: Transforming Past Traumas Through Relationships
Speaker: Cynthia Anne Hale, PhD

Monthly Meeting
The Matrix of Music and Analysis
Speaker: Patricia Skar

Leading Edges
Lifemusic: Putting The Hum Into Human. (after Paton)
Speaker: Jon Blend

Monthly Meeting
Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Matter of Life and of Death
Speaker: Irene Cioffi Whitfield

Monthly Meeting
Divining in the Dark: Re-Creating the Forensic Patient in Supervision
Speakers: Mario Guarnieri and Richard Wainwright

Leading Edges
Psychotherapy and the Work of the Soul
Speaker: Isaac Pizer

Monthly Meeting and Leading Edges partnership
Jung for/with Feminism? The Gendered Imagination in twenty first century Jungian Studies.
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Susan Rowland

Monthly Meeting
Mindfulness: the new panacea?
Speaker: Dr Carola Mathers

AJA STUDY DAY Consider Culture
Speaker: Begum Maitra

Monthly Meeting
State regulation of psychotherapy – Unintended consequences of a misconceived project
Speaker: George Bright

Leading Edges
Analytical Psychology‘Healing Wounded History’ Jung and his Twin Brother:From Sibling-Rivalry and Fratricide towards Redemption
Speaker: Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer

Monthly Meeting
Sandplay Practice for Jungian Analysts
Speaker: Maggie Baron

The Integration of Energy Psychology
into Jungian Psychotherapy Theory and Practice
Speaker: James Barrett

Saturday 13 JUNE 2015
Day Workshop with Prof. Sara Sviri
In Pursuit of the Shadow: Reading Sufi Texts with Jung in Mind
Speaker: Sara Sviri

Tuesday 2 JUNE 2015
Monthly Meeting
Too Deep for Tears: Loss, the Sublime and the Syzygy
Speaker: Phil Goss

Tuesday 19 MAY 2015
Leading Edges Series
Southern Germany to North Wales 3rd-24 June 2014
Speaker: Dr. Arthur Niesser

Tuesday 5 MAY 2015
Monthly Meeting: The Triumphant Victim
Speaker: John Miller

Tuesday 17 MARCH 2015
Leading Edges Series
presented by: Alan Mulhern and Lindsey Harris

Tuesday 3 MARCH 2015
Monthly Meeting: Synchronicity: an update and overview of currentthinking.
Speaker: Roderick Main

Tuesday 3 FEBRUARY 2015
Reading In Paper:
The Loss of Paradise: The painful journey of separation towards individuation
Speaker: Julia Waterfield

Tuesday 13 January 2015
Philosophical Meeting
Analysis and Activism: What Turns You On? What Turns You Off?

Tuesday 2 DECEMBER 2014
Reading In Paper:
The Boxer: from self-defence to the centre of the ring
Speaker: Stephen Garratt

Tuesday 20 JANUARY 2015
Leading Edges: Miles to Go? Towards Relational Supervision
Speaker: Judy Yellin

Tuesday 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Leading Edges
The muse, the mentor, the oracle and the sphinx
A play by Jonathan Chadwick

Tuesday 4 NOVEMBER 2014
Monthly Meeting
Holding and being held in mind: An exploration of the theme of forgetting and ‘keeping in mind’ in the analytic journey drawing on Homer’s Odyssey.
Speaker: Deirdre Johnson

Tuesday 21 OCTOBER 2014
Leading Edges
The Legend of the Christmas Rose
Speaker: Jack Bierschenk

Tuesday 7 OCTOBER 2014
My Evolutions, Revolutions and Convolutions 1972 – 2014
Speaker: Professor Andrew Samuels Members and Candidates only

Tuesday 9 SEPTEMBER 2014
In Defence of the Goddess in Jung’s Writing
Speaker: Susan Rowland

Tuesday 22 JULY 2014
Leading Edges: Analytical Psychology
The Challenge of Twinship: Double Trouble or Deep Delight?
Speaker: Rabbi Helen Freeman

Tuesday 1 JULY 2014
If not now, when? Reflections on Climate Change
Speaker: Ann Kutek

Saturday 14 JUNE 2014
BOOK LAUNCH re Day Conference and Party to Launch

Tuesday 20 MAY 2014
Leading Edges: The Birth of the Sacred in Analysis: The Synthesis of Analysis, Religion and Radical Politics.
Speaker: Gottfried Heuer

Tuesday 1 APRIL 2014
Modern Communications: Panel Discussion to consider the implications of the new technologies and how they impact on or change contemporary analytic practice
Panel speakers: Fiona Palmer-Barnes (via Skype), Stephen Garrett, Dr Carola Mathers and Dr Arthur Niesser

Tuesday 25 MARCH 2014
Leading Edges: Analytical Psychology A Series of Talks 2010 VICTIM POWER (Nazi and Jew – A Clinical and Philosophical Paradox)
Speaker: Rabbi David Freeman

Tuesday 4 MARCH 2014
Teaching and Supervising in the Context of Political Tumult as History Repeats Itself
Speaker: Richard Wainwright

Tuesday 4 FEBRUARY 2014
Uncovering the Uncanny:
the play within the play in therapy and supervision
Speaker: Carol Leader

Tuesday 28 JANUARY 2014  Leading Edges Talk
Speakers: Moira Duckworth and Martin Stone

Tuesday 26 NOVEMBER 2014 re Cutting Edges Talk
If You Don’t Make Mistakes, You Don’t Make Anything
Speaker: Katherine Murphy

Saturday Information Day 16 November 2013

Tuesday 5th November

Monthly meeting
Listening to the Earth’s tremors – The helpful animal as catalyst in the journey towards wholeness
Speaker: Antonia Boll

Tuesday 1 October 2013
The Queen and the Servant
Speaker: Carola Mathers

Saturday 28th September 2013
Study Day
‘Erotic, Eroticised and Perverse Transference and Countertransference’.
Speakers: Dr Elphis Christopher (BAP) and Dr Fiona Ross (SAP)

Tuesday 24 September 2013
Cutting Edges: Analytical Psychology
Rivers of Poetry – ‘Embracing the Clear-Sky Ocean’
initiated by Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer

Tuesday 10 September 2013 Recollection of the XIX IAAP Congress in Copenhagen
Origins, Innovations and Controversies in Analytical Psychology – 100 years on.

Tuesday 23 July 2013
Cutting Edges: Analytical Psychology
Speaker: Ruth Williams

Friday 12 to Sunday 14 July 2013 –
AJA Summer School

Tuesday 4 June 2013
Atlas – An Archetypal Image of Background Support
Speaker: Maggie Stanway

Tuesday 28 May 2013 –
Cutting Edges: Barbarians at the Gate! Or:Healing the Past -The Secret Birth of Intersubjectivity.
Speaker: Gottfried Heuer

Tuesday 7 May 2013,
The Supervisory Matrix – Through a Jungian/Winnicottian LensSpeaker: Chris Williams

Tuesday 30 April 2013.
A celebration of the publication of The Dream of the Cosmos, a Quest for the Soul.Speaker: the author Anne Baring
Anne Baring celebration meeting report

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Cutting Edges: Do you “do difference”? Embodied intercultural ground
Speaker: Carmen Joanne Ablack

Tuesday 5 February 2013
Narnians Awake! How CS Lewis Provided the Architectural Symbolism for an East End School
Speakers: Anne Dixon and Annette Elliott

Tuesday 29 January 2013
Cutting Edges: What can psychotherapy do? Psychotherapy paradigms and sexual orientation
Speaker: Tom Warnecke

Tuesday 27 November 2012
Cutting Edges: Analytical Psychology:Wolfgang Giegerich’s Challenge to Carl Jung’s Notion of Meaning
Speaker: Dr Keven Hall

Tuesday 23rd October 2012: CPD:
The Higher Self and the Fisher King
Speaker: Alan Mulhern

Tuesday 2 October 2012
What does it mean to be a Jungian Analyst
Speakers: Penny Culliford and Julienne McLean

Saturday Open Day 29 September 2012

Tuesday 25 September 2012
Cutting Edges: The Secret Function of Beauty
Speaker: Dr Gottfried Heuer

Wednesday September 19th
The Film “Avatar” and Borderland Consciousness: An Emergent Myth of Our Time
Jerome Bernstein, M.A.P.C., NCPsyA

Tuesday 24 July 2012
In the winter of 2008/9, in response to the Israeli attack on Gaza, Az Theatre (London) and Theatre for Everybody (Gaza) launched GAZA DRAMA LONG TERM, a 10-year collaboration.
introduction by Jonathan Chadwick,

Tuesday 26 June 2012
Punch’s Dream Or The Beginnings of the Puppet Theatre After Miroslav Holub (1923 – 1998
Speaker: Ruth Windle

Tuesday 29thMay 2012
Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology A Series of Talks Initiated by Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer.
What is it about “The Singing Ringing Tree” ?
Speaker: Amanda Hon, MA

Tuesday 27 March 2012
Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology A Series of Talks Initiated by Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer.
“A Dangerous Method.”A Talk about the Film by David Cronenberg
Speaker: Dr. Gottfried Heuer

Tuesday 6th March 2012
Healing Intelligence – The Spirit in Psychotherapy
Speaker: Alan Mulhern

Tuesday, 7th February 2012
Working with Jung’s Gift: The Living Symbol
Speaker: Clare Julien

Tuesday 31 January 2012
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Birgit Heuer: The Colour of Rainbows: On Forgiveness and Post-postmodernity

Tuesday 1 November 2011
The Secret Function of Beauty
Speaker: Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer

Tuesday 25th October 2011
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Dr Gottfried Heuer For “a New Heaven and a New Earth”: “The Gospel of Judas” An Emerging Potential for World Peace? Part II: “The Laughing Jesus”

Tuesday13 September 2011
Archetypal symbolism and the creative journey
Speaker: Dr Carola Mathers

Tuesday 26th July 2011
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Dr Gottfried Heuer For “a New Heaven and a New Earth”: “The Gospel of Judas” An Emerging Potential for World Peace? – Part I of a Two-part Presentation

Tuesday 7Tth June 2011
Deirdre Johnson – Are Animus and Anima Worth Salvaging

Tuesday 24th May 2011
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Kevin Lu: The Possibilities and Limitations of a Jungian Approach to Psychohistory

Tuesday 3 May 2011
Dr Lavinia Byrne: The Place of Animals in Art and Culture:

Tuesday 29 March 2011
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Dr, Gottfried M. Heuer: ‘In My Flesh I See God’: Body and Psyche in Analysis

Tuesday 25th January 2011
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Birgit Heuer: To Be or Not To Be:On Body, Being and Spirituality in Analysis

Tuesday 30 November2010
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology
Amanda Hon, MA: Rethinking Virginity : A post-Jungian reframing ofJules Cashford’s new film ‘The Mystic Lamb by Jan van Eyck

Saturday 27 November 2010


October 2nd — 2010

MONTHLY MEETING Tuesday 5th October 2010 8.15pm at AJA
Deirdre Johnson
‘Love: Bondage or Liberation?
A Psychological Exploration of the Meaning, Values, and Dangers of Falling in Love’

Tuesday 28th September 2010 8.30pm at AJA
Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer
The Sacredness of Love’ or ‘Relationship as Third, as Religion’:Otto Gross’ Concept of Relationship Today.

Monthly Meeting Tuesday 8 June 2010
A series of talks on Cutting Edges in Analytical Psychology (1)
Dr Gottfried Heuer
The Nature of Burn-Out and the Burn-Out of Nature: The Sloth and the Chickadee Socio-Psychological, Ecological, Sacral-Political and Ethical Implications. Jungian & Alchemical Perspectives.
(If you would like a recording of this talk – please contact the AJA office)

Monthly Meeting Tuesday 1 June 2010
Mary-Jayne Rust
Imagination and Earth: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” ”Native American proverb

Monthly Meeting Tuesday 4th May 2010
Birgit Heuer
When two or three are Gathering Together in My Name … the Experience of the Numinous in the Consulting Room.

Special Meeting 2nd February 2010
Remembering the Adlers – Exploring our past and looking to the future

Monthly Meeting 1 December 2009
The Way of the Dream – Frazer Boa talking to Marie-Louise von Franz

Special Meeting Saturday 7th November 2009
‘Liber Novus’: The Red Book of C. G. Jung
AJA joined other Jungian groups to sponsor the Special Meeting on Saturday 7th November 2009 at the Royal Society of Medicine where Sonu Shamdasani made a presentation on ‘Liber Novus’: The Red Book of C. G. Jung, followed by a big party in the atrium of the RSM.

Monthly Meeting 3 November 2009
Cédric Bouët-Willaumez
‘From Silence to Dissonance, From Dissonance to Harmony’

Monthly Meeting 31st October 2009
Jules Cashford
CATHARSIS IN ANTIQUITY – An afternoon talk followed by tea

SOCIAL DREAMING MATRIX – March June and October 2009

Monthly Meeting 8th September 2009
Judy Parkinson Thoughts on a Psychotherapist Coping During a Period of Physical Illness

Monthly Meeting 6th October 2009Gottfried Heuer “The Gospel of Judas” An Emerging Potential for World Peace? A Jungian Perspective.
Monthly Meeting Tuesday 2nd June 2009
Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen
Odysseus Descent to the Underworld – Signposts for men in search of themselves

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 5th May 2009
Julienne McLean
Spiritual Pilgrims – Jung and St. Theresa of Avila

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 3rd March 2009
Dr. Lavinia Byrne
Islam – A Challenge for our Times

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 28th October 2008
Dr. David Hart (USA)
The Water of Life

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 3rd June 2008
Ann Shearer
Themis and a Dream of Justice

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 6th May 2008
Dr. Carola Mathers
Psychological Aspects of the Tarot: a Journey of Individuation

AJA Gallery November 2007 – February 2008
Reaching for Heaven: Delicately Balanced Words & Stones – Iona
An Exhibition of Recent Works by Gottfried Heuer

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 4th March 2008
Chris Williams:
Minding the Gap – Touching Time with Winnicott and Lacan

AJA Gallery 17th September – 31st October 2007
Dru-gu Choegyal Rinpoche
‘Let our world be filled with love’

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 23rd October 2007, 8.15pm
Jules Cashford:
Film Showing: The Mystery of Jan Van Eyck

Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 2nd October 2007, 8.15pm
Dr Elya Steinberg (Humanistic Psychotherapy) & Dr Gottfried Heuer (Jungian Psychoanalyst)
“And Death Shall Have No Dominion” – Attending to the Silence
Groupwork with Members of the Post-Holocaust Generations A Preliminary Report on a Work in Progress

Monthly Meeting 5th June 2007
Patricia Skar
The Goal as Process – Emergence in Music and Analysis.

Monthly Meeting 6th March 2007
Lyn Cowan
Seabiscuit – The Little Horse that Could, and Did, and Still Does.
For details please click here

Monthly Meeting 6th February 2007
Anne Young
Fairy Stories and the Disempowerment of Women: a Reconsideration of Jungian Interpretations of Female Figures.

Monthly Meeting 3rd October 2006
Alan Mulhern
The Spirit in Psychotherapy.

Monthly Meeting 12th September 2006
Dr Carola Mathers
The Battle for Deliverance from the Mother.

Monthly Meeting 6th June 2006
Warren Colman
The Analytic Super-ego

Monthly Meeting 7th February 2006
Phil Goss
From Image to Value; Nonsense or Common Sense.

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