David Kelly

David Kelly: BV4
David Kelly: BV4

Exhibition: August – December 2015
Paintings by David Kelly

I started my career as a Lecturer at Bath Academy of Art and Falmouth School of Art.

Between 1979 and 1993 I was a member of staff at Peper Harow Therapeutic Community in Surrey. I was Head of Education and an Assistant Director when it unfortunately closed in 1993.

I then became a consultant working with organisations such as Huntercombe Manor Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital and Acacia Hall Therapeutic Community.

My final post before my retirement in 2005 was as Residential Services Manager for Surrey Childrens’ Services.

I have long held the belief that Art has the potential for the exploration and expression of seeing, beyond the concepts of perceived and visual reality. My work is an attempt to capture something of my experiences through the medium of collage, drawing and painting.

I hope that by sharing this part of myself in exhibiting these images others may find their own personal connections.

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