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A statement on AJA’s commitment to diversity

Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with all those who are protesting and we hear the demands for change in the powerful anti-racism protests across the UK and around the world.
To this end, AJA would draw your attention to the following two public statements which have been issued.  

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Open Letter on the Question of Jung’s Writings & Theories About ‘Africans’

Thirty years ago, the British Journal of Psychotherapy published a paper by Dr Farhad Dalal entitled ‘Jung: A racist’ (Dalal, 1988). Regrettably, no adequate acknowledgement or apology for what Jung wrote, and Dalal critiqued, has been forthcoming from the field of analytical psychology and Jungian analysis. We write now as a group of individuals – Jungian analysts, clinicians, and academics utilizing concepts from analytical psychology – to end the silence.

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JAP Special Issue on the ‘Who is my Jung?’ conference

Martin Stone, past chair of AJA and chair of the 40th Anniversary Committee, appears in this video introduction to a Special Edition JAP on the successful conference of all five London Jungian training societies, hosted by AJA in November 2017. Watch the video to see Martin give an introduction, a brief history of the conference and an outline of the edition.

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On Meaning – Analysis through the Looking Glass

Who has the power to choose what a word means? Who chooses what we mean, to ourselves or for others? We go into analysis, commonly, on a quest for meaning – when we feel we have lost, or perhaps have never had, the power to name parts of our own lives in a way which makes sense to us…

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Face to Face – BBC interview with Carl Jung in 1959

In this post we feature a fascinating 39-minute interview of Jung by John Freeman for the BBC program Face to Face. It was filmed when Jung was 84 years old. He speaks on a range of subjects, from his childhood and education to his association with Sigmund Freud and his views on death, religion and the future of the human race.

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Dreams – part I

Have you ever awoken from a dream and not known whether you were awake or asleep? Sometimes it takes a moment to work out whether the dream was the ‘reality’ and whether you really are now awake. Dreams exert a fascinating power over us that create a kind of wonder.

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The Self

The Self is one of the most well known of Jung’s concepts. As Freud’s Ego is the experiencing and active agent at the centre of consciousness, Jung’s Self is the experiencing and active agent at the centre of the entire personality (both consciousness and the unconscious).

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