About AJA

The Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA) is a charitable organisation providing a professional home to an established group of IAAP Analytical Psychologists.

Members of AJA support the ethos and purpose of the organisation established by Gerhard Adler in June 1977. AJA was formed to lead the provision and practice of analytical psychology, provide professional Jungian training and other education and to develop and share professional knowledge about analytical psychology with the public.

Many of our members have been involved in trainings in countries where initially there were few Jungians. This has had an impact on us as a group and increased our collective consciousness of different realities to our own. And it has also been energising to see the spread on analytical psychology in so many parts of the world.

Each member provides access to reduced fee therapy to the public alongside our candidates in training who offer reduced fee training analysis.

AJA supports their members through their analytical psychology careers. From post
qualification study in psychotherapy to post retirement. We have a diverse membership working across the life span.

AJA is a member of the British Psychoanalytical Council (BPC) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). All members are registered with either the BPC or UKCP and observe their ethical codes and standards. AJA has a clear ethical code and members and candidates follow this and other high standards of professional practice. All our members are registered with the IAAP. Several of our members and candidates teach, lecture and publish.

Members also work and network throughout the UK and internationally with many contributing to work in the NHS, higher educations, offender care, private corporations and a range of other third sector organisations. AJA welcomes all applications from Jungian analysts from other IAAP member organisations who meet our equivalence policy.

AJA supports the knowledge and development of analytical psychology and its clinical practice with individuals. You can read our research statement here.  You may like to attend our professional events including monthly talks, workshops or conferences that are designed to open dialogue about Jungian ideas.

In our Camden premises in central London, we open our doors to groups, organisations and other psychotherapists, who use our consulting rooms to see their patients.

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