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The Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA) is one of the leading and established professional bodies for Analytical Psychologists (Jungian analysts) in the UK. It is nearly 50 years since AJA was founded by Gerhard Adler, who was a trusted and close ally of Carl Jung who, with others, did so much to develop an understanding of depth psychology. AJA has had many distinguished members and honorary members who have continued to make significant contributions to the field.

Our members today continue to draw on this tradition. Each of them makes a significant and direct impact by engaging individuals with enduring psychological problems that are having a profound impact upon their mental health and ability to live life. All AJA members are committed to offering some ongoing reduced fee clinical sessions with clients who otherwise will have a challenge in accessing appropriate psychological care. Many of these clients are from groups marginalised in society. Everyone at AJA is receptive to extending this culture of inclusion into all facets of our work.

Alongside this direct clinical work, AJA members are an active community. Many members are engaged in providing learning here in the UK and internationally. AJA members variously contribute to developing understanding of depth psychology though their practice and supervision, research, training and writing for publication.

To underwrite the costs of AJA’s work not covered by training or membership fees, we must annually raise direct donations to benefit the community. Donations to AJA as a charity are tax-deductible and are directed to our reduced fee clinical work with clients, developing learning programmes to connect people with Jungian and post-Jungian ideas and to train future analytical psychologists.

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