A7a Complaints against Members


All complaints against members are now investigated by the UKCP or the BPC depending on which organisation is the member’s registering body. If a member of AJA is registered with both then the complaint will be heard by whichever body first received the complaint from the complainant.

 AJA has the role of supporting the member while the complaint is being investigated.

 It is important confidentiality is maintained during any investigation. In the first instance, therefore, the member should contact AJA’s chair of Ethics so appropriate ongoing support can be arranged with one or two trusted colleagues.

The member will also need to contact their insurers who will offer appropriate legal advice and support.

 If the member is a training analyst or training supervisor and has been told by UKCP/BPC to stop practising, the chair of the training committee needs to be informed by the analyst concerned to enable appropriate confidential support to be provided to the candidate(s) affected.

February 2020

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