D5 Role Description – Coordinator of AJA Monthly Meetings and Events

  1. In consultation with Council, find speakers for monthly meetings.
  2. Keep office informed of current bookings at office@jungiananalysts.org.uk.
  3. Send speakers a confirmation of appointment and fee claim form.  (Fee claim form in Appendix to Handbook).
  4. Liaise with speakers to obtain blurb, image and biog from each speaker.  These are to be sent to the office for Jacqueline to design the flyer.
  5. Report on current changes to programme to Council each month.
  6. Outside Speakers: Write after the event to thank them for their contribution.
  7. AJA Speakers: Write after the event to thank them and reminding them to send in their claim form.
  8. Try to have events arranged about a year in advance with flexibility for readings in.
  9. Arrange occasional study days. Flyers should show fees and booking arrangements.

January 2024

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